Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Oda Oda Song for Chennai Copy Writers

A cheap way to write a new blog. Take a cheap song and simblee change the lyrics!

Actual Song-u

Song changed-u (no! not that soup song!)

oda oda oda job-u korayala
yezhudha yezhudha yezhudha velai mudiyala
brief padika padika onnum puriyala
aaga motham onnum velangala

idea varum pothu paper illaye
pidicha idea-vum clear-u aalaiye
kaila moodi iruku pen-u ilaye
life pura intha thollaiye

Ad-world-ey speed aa odi pogudu
Chennai panchar aayi nikkudhu
Bombay kooda kindal pannudhu
Cannes enna bangam pannudhu

Laid-back-a maariten
grammar marandhuten
Images getty-ila
google help-la vandi ooturen

Face book-ula full-day irundhen irundhen
conference roomla aluden poranden sirichen
Twitter thaangala thaangala
Paaaka time ilaye
idea-vum varala varala
fast-aa sarukurene

Crack-a maariten
Joker-a ayiten
serrrvicing pona pin
Award-u kana scam-ah theduren

oda oda oda job-u korayala
yezhudha yezhudha yezhudha velai mudiyala
brief padika padika onnum puriyala
aaga motham onnum velangala...

After reading this, please no kolaveri!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Help

This movie triggered the idea for writing this blog. It was always in my mind. But fate decided when it had to be published. So, now.

Since time before history, women have given up a lot. Sacrificed a lot, just to help people around them. Majority of the women. Except for the occasional Joan of Arc, Ayn Rand, Oprah Winfrey and the likes. TIME magazine has a list of 100 Most Important Women in World History. But just 100? Among billions!

Women have dreams. Men have dreams. Women want to do things. Men want to do things. There is no difference between the last four sentences. The only difference is that some of the women are stuck. Stuck behind societal values. Stuck behind human values that are defined by people in a so-called civilized society(which is based on a biased understanding of the world). Stuck behind their husbands, parents, in-laws. And the list goes on.

Of course there are lots of women who follow their dreams. But I'm talking about women who don't get the opportunity. Women who have social walls around them. The ratio of the number of women who are independent to the number of women who are not is often limited to our peripheral vision. People whom we know. The country and city where we live. But i'm sure statistics will paint a different picture(or pie chart or a graph). To reiterate - i'm talking about women who are not able to... or find it very difficult to fulfill their dreams - or whatever they have in mind.

I have no authority to write what women think. Nobody has. Except for themselves. Everybody sees life through what they have seen. So this is from what I've seen:

I've seen two of my cousin sisters who were forced into marriage. "Good girl, she'll listen to what we say" it seems (yeah, those were the exact words). My sister wiped her tears and walked into the Fort Knox of formalities. I was 14 years old that time and I found it totally unreasonable. I just couldn't... just couldn't... accept it.

Another friend who wants to finish writing her book and publish it. But she has to wake up early, cook, play a dutiful daughter-in-law, abide by numerous religious customs, go to work and come back home in time...and then find time to write her book.

Another friend who has to take care of her baby, 24X7, 7 days a week... who spends sleepless nights taking care of the baby... who finds it very difficult to get her own 'me-time' - to spend time with her friends, to pursue a career, to do various other things.

Another friend who is stuck between parental pressure and peer pressure. Who is out to find a job she likes and is in search of a life she loves.

Another dear friend who wanted to be a badminton player but wasn't allowed by her parents to travel beyond the city for inter-state matches. And that was the smash shot of her dreams. And much later, she wanted to learn swimming only to be scorned by her in-laws and parents.

(from a book titled "Myth=Mithiya") It is ironical that for all the value we give to the rational, life is primarily governed by the irrational. Love, sorrow, ethics, morals, aesthetics, rage, hatred, greed are not rational.

In my pessimistic opinion, it is difficult to start a social revolution and change things over night. It probably needs a big idea, big planning and a big push. And right now, I have no clue how!
I can only think of one rationalized idea governed by an irrational thought - if every individual in this planet loves his/her family and friends... and lends a helping hand, things would be a lot more better, right?

So anyone who is reading this right now can start by helping people around him/her. Help your wife, friend, sister, mother, anyone. Help them in whatever way you can. To realize their dream. To do what they have in mind. No matter how big or small it is.
And that will be of great help.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mokkais CopyWrited!

Random vetti quotes from a random vetti copy writer

Mudhala Coffee Apparamthaan Copy

Ore ad-a suthi suthi present panna adhu 360 degree campaign aayeduma?

Computer-la irrukira CD writer copy yezhudhu mudiyuma?

Art Director kaalaiyil paarpathu gettyimages, night-il paarpathu juttyimages

Goggles illama copy yezhuthalaam anaa google ilaama copy yezhudha mudiyaadhu

Gmail-um, chat panna oru female-um irundhaa copy yezhudhura maathiri nalla nadippom

500 pakkam fiction padichaalum 5 pakkam brochure yezhutha kai valikkum, kann valikkum

Hollywood range-kku padam paapom, Bollywood range-kku copy adipom

Idea varumm, anaa varaaadhu

Servicing solluradha marandhuruvom, bike servicing vuduradhai-yum marandhuruvom

We are 'super'men because we are ones who write supers for AVs

Copy writer-ga-lil yethanai 'typ-o'?

Monday, December 28, 2009

My daughter's concept of time is different!

It's different from our's.
My daughter turned five this Christmas. Today she almost believed me when I told her tomorrow is New Year. She then judiciously cross checked it with the head of operations, her Mom and realized that it’s two days later. To her, it doesn’t matter if it’s tomorrow or two days later. To her, a New Year is shouting Happy New Year in the middle of the night. She doesn’t even know that the New Year is as long as 365 days. I mean, she knows that it has more than 300 days. Emotionally she doesn’t know that 365 days is a long time. Time is not even relative. It's her own understanding of time.Even school time (from 8am to 2pm) is just one block of time for her which has a beginning and an end with a lunch interval in between. So if it’s the sixth period and class is about to get over in 15 minutes, she really doesn’t know. To her, lots of periods are over. So chances are this will also get over. But she doesn’t know it is going to get over soon. She splits day and night with light. So if it’s cloudy in the morning, it takes some time for her to believe that it’s morning. (Or I guess she just goes with the flow as we push her to school). She has her classic ‘five more minutes please’. It’s different from our ‘5 more minutes’ that we usually say when we wake up. If she says I want to watch TV for 5 more minutes, it could be one more hour or two more hours depending on the mood she is in. On the whole she is not so much bothered about time. Her time is divided into ‘fun with friends’ time, study time, TV time and outdoor time. Time is not yet so precious to her. While other things are – like her Mother, Father, cousins, friends, toys and her dress(in that order:-))

Friday, December 25, 2009

People, People the decade isnt over yet!

I was reading an article on 'The Hindu' today morning about the best movies of the decade. There has been similar articles/TV programmes floating all around celebrating the decade. It suddenly struck me that decade isn't over yet. Technically. 1 to 10 is a decade and we didnt have 0 AD. It was 1 AD after 1 BC. I myself posted more than a dozen 'best of the decade' links on twitter and facebook. Now I realise we have one more year. People, we have ONE whole year to complete... one more year to have fun, to read, to watch, to sleep, to do all things we like doing... one more year to prove the world what we are capable of. Who knows, you might be featured in the actual 'best of the decade' by the end of 2010. Believe me. You can.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Indian Politicians - Hollywood Ishtyle

With the top list getting ready for Manmohan's Cabinet, here's my take on who's saying what..

My Inspiration - http://www.time.com/time/specials/packages/0,28757,1900025,00.html

Sonia to Karunaanidhi: "I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse."

Karunaanidhi to Sonia: "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."

Alagiri to Karunaanidhi: "Show me the money"

Sonia to ManMohan Singh: "May the force be with you."

People of India: "Houston, we have a problem."

Dayanidhi Maran: "My momma always said, 'Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.'"

Jayalalitha: "I'll be back"

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I had a 'Marlin' moment yesterday!

Last night I was looking intently at my 4 year old daughter for at least 10 minutes. It was one of those moments...I was thinking about life – How it is super tough every day… how it is surprisingly evil and beautiful at times… how life is complicated and convoluted.. how life is all sorts of things … how life might be even more tougher for her when she grows up… I know she will evolve with the times and learn to manage things on her own… But I wished one thing… just one thing… for her…. I wished that she gets friends... just like the ones I’ve got now… to lean on… to move on… to keep swimming… to just keep swimming.”